Open Cast Mining in Germany. This is even a small Pit. When everything useful has been carved out this Place will become a Lake. It will take several Years to fill this Pit.
The Open Cast is connected to this Power Plant via conveying Belts. Yes, it's a big Block of Concrete, full of Wires and Technology which has to be monitored 24/7. Even this Text depends on the Output of such a Plant. 
Promoting other Forms of Energy is mandatory. Nevertheless, many People work in this Industry, giving their Dedication, Knowledge, often their Health to keep Things going and the Lights on. 
Switching to environmental friendlier Energy Sources needs to be done with gratitude, not bashing.
Buzzing Lines in Summer Heat - somehow the Energy (which partly propels this Page as well) has to be connected to the consumer
"Wonnegrausen" (being amazed and shocked at the same Time). A Huge Sandbox, connected to a Power Plant. A Masterpiece of Design and Maintenance. 
The Photo above shows the Silhouette of three Generations living in this Area. The Text describes "first it's my Home, then the Open Pit, finally Ships. The Term abstract will never be as abstract as concrete like in this Location"
Now ... not far away from this Spot, worst Floating since Years in Germany had happen. Many People lost their Belongings, Homes even their Lives. These massive Floods are a Cause of Climate Change and it will go on with heavy Rain, followed by strong Dry and Heat. The Soil won't be able to soak the Water quick enough. Land is eroding.
With this in Mind, the Line about the Ships will be real sooner as planned.
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